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Girls bleed for one week a month. There are twelve months in a year. That’s twelve weeks. That’s about four months. When you bleed for four months then you can complain.


life hack: don’t be so fuckin negative all the time cause it makes everyone around u feel like shit :-)

it’s sunday! it’s been thunderstorming all night! tomorrow i have to take a mock SAT! school starts in 16 days! fuck! 



falling asleep while hearing the waves is probably one of the most beautiful things - on mudhdhoo island




falling asleep while hearing the waves is probably one of the most beautiful things - on mudhdhoo island



hey hey this is a follow forever for my super cool, amazing, rad, (etc.) friends that i’ve made on here over the years they are ALL the bomb dot com and i hope that you follow them and realize it for yourself how amazing they are if you don’t already

i just love love LOVE you guys a whole bunch and i’m so happy that i can call you my friends!!!!!!!!!

- nohoran; kari you are my main bitch like oh my god i love you so much i can’t even begin to express how much i love you. i’m convinced we are like the same person in different bodies or something idk but we’re just so similar it’s unreal you’re such an amazing/beautiful/kind person and i love you a whole lot (。♥‿♥。)

- stylesstilinski; ana banana you’re such a little cutie butt and you mean so much to me like you were my first friend on here my VERY first and we agree on so many things and like pretty much all the same things and wow you’re just the greatest i love you!!!!!!!!! (p.s. i’m sorry i mispronounced your name for like 2 years)

- martilinski; ellie!!!! aw you are so so sweet and i haven’t known you that long but it feels like forever and whenever something stiles/lydia related happens i always go to you first and you introduced me to hemlock grove (and peter/roman am i right or am i right) and i’m so happy you did and you’re just a super good person and i love you so so much omg!!!!!! ^_^

- mustangheart; eileen omg omg you are like my fave person ever ahhhh like i love everything about you and i live for your tags and uh i don’t know you’re just super rad i love you so much and you make me want to own a ranch and adopt like 40 horses and dogs with you #thedream

- wonderfulmustacios; misty and charlie omggmgmg i love ya’ll so much and you’re both so funny like wtf and misty you’re like so cute and you have such a cute voice and i hope someday you marry logan o’brien ok ok luv u <3333

- flippings; caitliN you’re like the cutest person to ever be cute and you’re so artsy and i love it like i seriously love everything about you, you make me smile so hard and i’m sorry i’m so bad at texting you back i always mentally do it and then forget but yeah the point is you’re the light of my life and i love ya lady!!!!!

- alienqueen666; marissa my twin omgmg you’re the coolest person ever and you pull off so many makeup looks and you always look bangin like omg and whenever i think of you i always imagine us as ‘the marissa’s’ like it’s a club and you and i are the only members but yeha you’re super cute and i love u to the moon and back!!!!

- justhugharry; katie i’ve said it time and time again and i’ll say it again until forever probably but you’re THE nicest person in the whole wide world and i love you a whole lot ok you are so positive and like idk you’re such a good person it makes me want to be more like you ok you are like the female scott mccall wowow again i love you a lot 

- thechamberofsecrets; sara you are literally the realest person i know like yeah you just are and you’re so funny and wowza i just can’t believe it oh and you’re super pretty too you’re hair and eyes are always perfect and also you’re great at drawing like is there anything you can’t do i honestly don’t think there is ok i luv you :*

- mermanfinnick; aurora you are the type of cool i aspire to be like idk how to explain it you are just so cool to me and wowow we like all the same things and we don’t talk that much because i don’t know how to talk to you i just admire you from afar and hope for the best ok i love you so much wow!!!!!!

- ethancrafts; shelby!!!!!!!! you are so fab like all your selfies are always on point and your makeup always look sooo good and you can literally pull off any hairstyle i’m not joking and your cat and dog are so sos so cute i can’t get over it wow you are so nice and i’m so happy i know you i love you 

- ashtonflechter; mags!!!! aw aw you are so cute and nice and we always talk in all caps and we’ve followed each other through like every fandom and i’m so glad because you are so sweet hehe i love you !!!!!!


Details of tilework, Gurgi Mosque, Tripoli, Libya, ca. 1834


Luka, 8 weeks. <3